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What Does Personal Sustainability Mean For You?

“Promoting Personal and Planetary Sustainability to Help the World Sur-Thrive in the New Normal”

What does personal sustainability mean for you?

  • Being kind to yourself and others?

  • Practicing compassion?

  • Being your own self-care advocate?

  • Honoring the planet? How about honoring yourself as a being made of energy?

Personal sustainability means rising above the hatred and the greed and the negativity and becoming an ambassador of kindness to yourself and others. It’s not only about cultivating peace for the planet, but also about taking steps to cultivate peace within yourself.

It involves treating others with the same respect you treat yourself.

Personal sustainability is about striving to live a purposeful, meaningful life where all areas of your life are in balance. It’s about looking after your health and wellness with the same care and compassion as you would treat a million-dollar investment.

You are that million-dollar investment. Your body is smart. Your cells are listening.

Simply put, your energy is your personal biosphere. Your body is the planet. YOU are in charge of this personal biosphere. Every word you speak and every thought you think impacts your mind, body, and spirit and more importantly, your energy and your level of health and wellness.

What kinds of changes are you willing to make in terms of personal sustainability, to protect your million-dollar investment? What can you take charge of right now?

What does your personal biosphere look like? What if negative emotions, hate, and anger affected your biosphere in a harmful way? What if every negative thought or hurtful word affected your ability to thrive?

Well, it does. Every thought you think and every word you speak impacts your personal energy and your state of health and wellness.

You have a choice to either take care of your personal biosphere (aka your body and your energy) or to treat it harshly and unkindly.

What can you do?

  • You can strive to find ways to feel positive.

  • You can confidently face challenges life throws at you.

  • You can speak positive, uplifting words.

  • You can manage your mental health and focus on practicing good self-care.

  • You can look after your physical health; in terms of the words you speak and the food you eat.

  • You can strive to rest, rejuvenate and recover every day.

Personal sustainability means taking control of your own mind, body, and spirit and your own energy and practicing good self-care. In terms of your body, it means making that personal commitment to maintaining your health and wellness and taking full responsibility for your own health, through preventative and proactive means. It means taking personal responsibility for yourself on EVERY LEVEL, mind, body and soul.

What does this truly mean?

This might mean taking care of yourself by exercising, taking care of what you eat, or taking steps to maintain a healthy and balanced state of mind.

It might mean balancing the yin and the yang of traditional medicine with natural medicine, and mind-body medicine.

In other words, take the medicine and listen to your doctor, but also make a point to be open to alternative methods of healing. Strive to practice self-healing and good self-care measures.

It might mean making that commitment, every day, to cleanse and clear your emotional energy as much as you clean your body by:

  • Meditating.

  • Practicing deep breathing.

  • Expressing your emotions.

  • Cultivating self-love.

Everything is energy. We are all one.

What is your energy telling you?

Focus on continually planting new seeds in the garden of your mind, body, and spirit – every day.

PROTECT YOUR BIOSPHERE AND YOUR MILLION DOLLAR INVESTMENT. Your little personal biosphere is YOU and you only get one per lifetime. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PERSONAL SUSTAINABILITY and strive to live a happy, blessed life.

“Be an Ambassador of Kindness. Honor the Planet and Honor Yourself.”


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