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Welcome to Ultimate YOUniversity!

"My vision is simple - I believe that each of us can heal the world by first healing our own trauma and pain and I want to help people do just that." - Leslie Riopel MA Psychology

The Ultimate YOUniversity Course Line-Up Has Everything You Need to Live An Abundant, Fulfilling Life and a Life In Which You Are Aligned, Empowered, Awakened, and Spiritually Aware.

Check Out Our Courses!

Our Courses Will Help You'll Discover How To:


  • Turn Your Failures into Massive Success!

  • HEAL Your Body Naturally by Tapping Into Your Spiritual Powers and Innate Ability to Heal.

  • SHIFT Your Mindset and Get Unstuck and Tap Into Your True Power as You Take Control of Your Ultimate Destiny.

  • Redefine Your Dreams and Solve Problems More Creatively.

  • Transform Your Mindset and Tap into Your Ultimate YOU 2.0 Persona with Mindfulness and Meditation.

  • Overcome Challenges and Achieve The "Impossible" and Break Through Anything.

  • Let Go of the Past and Create Your Ideal Life.

  • Explore and Utilize the Law of Infinite Possibilities.

  • Adopt New Successful Living Skills and Unlock Your Full Potential.

  • Uplevel Your Life and Your Community.

  • Break Free of Old Negative Patterns and Beliefs.

Our 7 New Courses For 2022

Course #1: CAPTIVATE - Create, Captivate and Connect with Your Audience. Develop the confidence you need to present and/or market yourself online.

Course #2: HOPE - Finding Hope in An Anxious World: Transforming Post-Traumatic Stress and Anxiety into Growth and Resilience With Mindfulness.

Course #3: RESET – Ultimate YOU 2.0 RESET:

Hit the RESET Button and Become the Ultimate Version of YOU - the 2.0 YOU With Mindfulness.

Course #4: ALIGN – Aligning With the Energy and Consciousness of Healing: Jump-Start the Self-Healing Process and Learn How to Align Your Energy to Activate and Awaken the Innate SMART Body With Mindfulness.

Course #5: HEAL - An Advanced Version of ALIGN. Further develop your relationship with your SMART Body and activate/awaken your innate self-healing ability.

Course #6: EMPOWER - Explore the Brilliant, Creative, Passionate Enlightened, Empowered YOU.

Course #7 - DESTINY - Step into Your Ultimate Destiny and A. R.K. -- Awaken to Spirit; Realize more of Your Inherent Potential; and Know YOUrself.

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