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What Inspired Planet Blessed?

Leslie Riopel is a Sur-Thriver at heart. The inspiration behind all of the products and programs at Planet Blessed is based on Leslie’s and Charles's own personal Sur-Thrival journeys.

Planet Blessed was born out of the Pandemic of 2020 and Leslie’s own personal Sur-Thrival story.

Leslie initially created the 53 Bless the Mess Mindfulness Sur-Thrival Exercises to help her better cope with issues she was going through at the time, including a lawsuit from a close family member, a chronic health condition, and devastating financial circumstances.

Leslie’s rollercoaster ride includes a multitude of things from the death of her mother, to some major relationship challenges to financial challenges caused by underemployment.

Leslie not only survived the pandemic but managed to come out of it with the idea to create Planet Blessed and share the tools she used for her own personal Sur-Thrival journey.

Leslie’s experience with a prolapsed and overactive bladder and chronic UTI’s were the inspiration for the SMART Body Affirmations which then became DNA is NOT Destiny - affirmations designed to activate the body’s innate intelligence and natural healing ability.

After finding no relief from the constant pain and aggravation of her condition, even after multiple rounds of antibiotics and surgery to repair a prolapsed bladder, Leslie was at her wit’s end. Doctor’s provided no relief and little to no help for Leslie, who continually felt like she was always on the edge of a urinary tract infection.

To find some relief, Leslie began talking to her body, during meditation and discovered that it was actually much more helpful than constantly going on antibiotics.

Using SMART Body affirmations, and other holistic healing techniques including Emotion Code, Whole Life Integration, and T.H.E. Technique® (you can find more information and links at the end of this article) Leslie finally arrived at a place where her condition was manageable, and she wanted to share that with the world.

Over the course of the last 10 years, Leslie has gone from surviving to thriving, discovering her ultimate destiny along the way - creating programs, publications, and organizations that help people Sur-Thrive with mindfulness.

Leslie has a master's degree in psychology and she has a broad range of experience from teaching Psychology to writing about and studying mindfulness and she is a perfect example of a Sur-Thriver.

Charles Betterton has been helping individuals, organizations, and communities “Bless the Mess and Sur-Thrive" for over 50 years in several innovative ways. Charles has a master's degree from Southern New Hampshire University in Community Economic Development which encompasses Self-help, Empowerment, and Capacity-building. His ultimate vision is helping establish a University for Successful Living (USL) with a network of locally initiated Empowerment Resource Centers that will deliver "Bless the Mess" training on successful life, work and entrepreneurship skills.

Leslie and Charles have cofounded nonprofits and affiliated cause-oriented companies that publish, produce and market positive, uplifting resources on Successful Living Skills and the forthcoming Ultimate Mindful Sur-Thrival System.

Holistic Healing services included Emotion Code, Whole Life Integration, T.H.E. Technique® and other services provided by Victoria Shaw and Fran Kowalczyk - and

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