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Embracing a New Normal

It can be difficult to feel happy and blessed when everything around you is constantly changing. If there is one certainty in life, it's the fact that we can never really know what will happen next.

This is especially relevant in the day and age we’re living in now.

Embracing a new normal, for whatever reason, is challenging at best. We want to maintain a sense of control but we can't. There are too many moving pieces.

We all have a tendency to try and control things. While that may be a good thing, in theory, it's not actually a very practical way to live.

For example, your current situation in life is the way it is, whether you like it or not. When you are restless, you actually create a certain amount of resistance, which creates a barrier that keeps good things from coming in.

Acceptance and acknowledgment is the key here because resisting things, only makes you feel worse! One good way to embrace a new normal is to learn how to go with the flow and let go of the need to control.

If you're struggling to embrace a new normal, making a pact to let go and go with the flow every day can help you in more ways than you might imagine.

It’s natural to feel anxious during times of upheaval, but if you can learn to let go of the need to control things, you'll have a better time.

It's not easy embracing a new normal. Whether it's a sudden job loss, medical illness, or something else, it's not easy readjusting.

One thing you can do is change how you respond. Instead of feeling anxious, you can try and go with the flow and ride the winds of change.

As human beings, we tend to hold onto things we are comfortable with, even fear or doubt. Most of the time, our fears are unfounded. We make more out of them than they really are.

Mindfulness can help you see things differently and help you reduce the stress you feel when going through life changes.

One way to let go and live in the flow is by practicing mindfulness. Even a short mindfulness practice, can help you embrace change and handle life’s little challenges in a healthier way.

Try this short mindfulness exercise.

Mindfulness Exercise for Embracing a New Normal

Begin by breathing in deeply and slowly. Follow the breath as it moves through your body. Let the breath break up any feelings of anxiety or tension.

Keep the rhythm of your breathing natural and normal.

Take another nice deep breath and let go of the need to control.

Just let it go. Have some faith that the Universe supports you no matter what you're struggling with.

Tell the Universe that you are ready to let go and let life flow by repeating a simple statement like:

"I let go.......I am ready to embrace life, wherever it takes me."

Repeat that phrase again.

"I let go.......I am ready to embrace life, wherever it takes me."

Now reflect on how that statement makes you feel.

Repeating a simple statement like this allows you to set an intention - the intention to embrace uncertainty. What if you simply embraced whatever comes next? What if you let go of the need to always control the outcome? What if you had faith, that a new way of life is opening up for you?

Make a pact right now to try and view everything that has happened to you, as the Universe's way of making room for something new. It's a simple shift, but a powerful one.

Make a commitment to let things go. Get up every day with the intention to let life flow.

It can be fun adapting to life’s unpredictability. Sometimes our biggest failures can lead to our biggest successes in life. It's a great way to live your life.

Imagine how good you could feel every day, with this kind of light-hearted attitude.

The next time you feel anxious and stressed because of life’s unpredictability, try blessing the mess and embracing the uncertainty.

It’s a much better way to live your life.



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