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Are You a Sur-Thriver?

A sur-thriver is someone who goes from surviving to thriving, overcoming great adversity along the way. It describes someone who is doggedly determined to seek a more prosperous and peaceful life, no matter what kind of obstacles or annoyances they encounter along the way. A sur-thriver is someone who never gives up.

Does this describe you? If so, you may be a sur-thriver.

It's not always easy maintaining a positive attitude. Life gets hard. Things happen. We make plans that quickly fall apart.

Being a sur-thriver is kind of like living your life inside of a pressure cooker. You're basically living in that fight or flight mode. You're living with an overwhelming sense of pressure and fear, all of the time, and it's not a fun place to be.

You feel overwhelmed. The road may not be easy, but you keep going. You are determined to live a peaceful, prosperous life. The path may not be straight, but you persevere.

When you practice the art of mindfulness, you can go from merely surviving to thriving, you can learn how to sur-thrive.

Mindfulness is like a cool rain on a hot day. When you sit down and close your eyes and breathe, you can step away from all the “stuff” happening in your life.

You can feel grateful for another beautiful day. You can feel grateful for family members and good friends who support you. You can feel grateful for kind, compassionate people. You can immerse yourself in the gratitude of the moment. You can feel happiness in the NOW. That is what mindfulness can do for you.

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