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Affirmations Rock!

When was the last time you told yourself you were radiant, elegant and graceful? How about lovely, talented and kind? We can never have enough affirmations in my opinion. The more you affirm that you are happy, loved and full of hope, the happier, the more hopeful and the more loved you will be.

Affirmations are an incredible way to change your subconscious beliefs or your inner most thoughts.

Affirmations are simple statements, stated in the present tense that can help you bring your dreams into reality. They help you change your limiting mindset and your negative thoughts.

Your inner critic can be very damaging, and affirmations, if used correctly, can help you quell that negative voice.

Affirmations are extremely powerful and they can help you change your life, because they help you change your thinking at the deepest levels of the mind. They may seem simple, but like water trickling over a rock, they can have a huge impact.

Affirmations have been used for centuries and they are great tools for creating change in your life. When you make a habit out of working with them each and every day, they begin to change your thought processes, helping you think differently.

I hope you enjoy these affirmations.

Planet Blessed

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