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Getting Started With Meditation

There is no better way to bless the mess and embrace uncertainty than to be mindful. The simple act of sitting down and giving yourself a break can be very refreshing when times get tough.

Sometimes it can be challenging finding the time and the motivation to meditate, If the idea of meditating seems daunting to you, this simple practice can help you get started.

Simple Meditation Practice

Either sit in the traditional lotus position or simply relax in a comfortable chair, with your feet resting on the floor. Keep your spine straight but not stiff. Let your head hang naturally with a downward gaze.

Your hands should be resting comfortably on your thighs. You can keep your eyes open, but most people seem to prefer closing them. Do whatever works best for you. The goal is to get completely comfortable and not to worry about whether you are doing it right or wrong. Just do it, and you will enjoy the results.

Start focusing on your breathing. All your attention should be on how the air feels as you inhale deeply through your nose down to your stomach, then exhale. Notice the physical sensations of the air moving down your body, then being expelled through the nose. Become aware of the rise and fall in your chest as you inhale and exhale.

As you inhale, let the mind calm down and the heart start to open.

Don’t worry if your attention wanders. This is perfectly normal. What is important is that you don’t try to stop those intruding thoughts. Just let them flow through your mind non-judgmentally and return your focus to your breathing. If you find your thoughts wandering too often, don’t worry. Simply observe whatever is happening. Don’t judge or blame yourself. Just observe what your mind is doing.

When you’re done meditating, sit quietly for a moment before opening your eyes. Take a minute and observe what you are feeling. Again, it’s important not to judge yourself. When you are ready, go about your day.

The act of focusing on your breath helps you become aware of your thoughts and emotions. The more you meditate, the more aware you become.

Try this simple little practice for a few minutes, and you might be surprised at how refreshed you feel.


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