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How to Stop Feeling Stuck, Reinvent Yourself, and Become a Brand New Version of YOU - a 2.0 YOU!

Ultimate YOU 2.0 Course



Learn how to embrace change.



Step into a new version of YOU - a 2.0 YOU!

Discover Your  Purpose

Live life with more passion and purpose.

Live More Abundantly

Find the motivation to live more joyfully.

Program One Initial Modules 


  1. Getting Unstuck 

  2. Embracing  a New Normal 

  3. Creative Problem-Solving 

  4. Your Tree of Prosperity 

  5. Overcome Anything 

  6. Your Circle of Success 

  7. Timeline Therapy 

  8. Discovery Frame 

  9. Defining Success 

  10. Your Flow of Abundance 

  11. Your Garden of Abundance 

  12. The Mountain Meditation 

  13. Your Ideal Future Mindfulness Exercise

In this program you’ll learn:


  • The hidden psychological barriers that keep you from changing and how to fix them.

  • Strategies used in both Psychology and Neuro-linguistic programming that can help you move forward.

  • The key ingredients to change.

  • How to take advantage of the new economy - while everyone else relies on their paycheck..


Do you wish life came with a “do-over” button? Are you in desperate need of change, but fail to act when it comes to actually changing?


  • Do you find yourself at a crossroads or going through major upheavals or changes in life?

  • Are you having trouble embracing change or blessing the mess?

  • Do you feel like your life is no longer working?

  • Do you find yourself as an empty nester?

  • Are going through a major relationship change or something like a divorce?

  • Are you contemplating a career shift or change?

  • Are you feeling drawn towards another way of life or an alternative lifestyle?

  • Are you feeling stuck or desperate?

  • Are you struggling with something that feels overwhelming?


If so, you may be ready to embark on the Version 2.0 Journey. If you’ve reached a point of no return and feel like your life is no longer working or you find yourself fantasizing about a better future but feel powerless to make your fantasies come true, this program is for you.


Many of us have times in our lives when we feel like, “How in the world did I end up here?” or “Is this it?” We may have difficulties letting go of the past or find ourselves agonizing over what we could’ve done differently.


If you have tried to change and failed more times than you can count or you want something better for your life, but you don’t know where to start, you can start here. If you resonate with any of this, you are going to love this unique mindfulness program.


“You 2.0 – How to Stop Feeling Stuck, Reinvent Yourself, and Become a Brand New You. Mastering the Art of Personal Transformation with Mindfulness.”


Making big changes in life is not often easy. Everyone struggles with this at some point. If you find yourself feeling complacent in life or feel like making improvements is a chore, you might want to consider embarking on that 2.0 journey.


If you have ever wondered what a 2.0 version of yourself would look like, feel like or act like or ever found yourself wondering what your life would have been like if you had taken a different path or chosen something differently, this program has all the tools you need to figure that out.


What does it mean to live a 2.0 life, you might ask? Many of us find ourselves stuck in our 1.0 version, especially in times of upheaval and turmoil.


Some of us may spend our entire lives as that 1.0 persona. While that may be perfectly fine for some people, others wonder how they can rise up out of the struggle and move into a different version of themselves.


In other words, sometimes it’s necessary to embark on that 2.0 journey.


If you are ready to embark on that 2.0 life, you are most likely at a point in life where you are experiencing some kind of upheaval or major challenge.


Version 2.0 pulls you when you are ready for some kind of major pivot or transformation in life. It’s uncomfortable for many of us. In these times of change, many of us find ourselves in turmoil and upheaval. We have had to take steps to redefine who we are and where we are going.


If you are struggling, you may feel a strong desire to move in a more fulfilling direction that aligns more closely with your life’s purpose and your dream and goals. This may also feel like an irresistible pull or tug or feel like an itch you need to scratch.


If there is something in your life you’ve always talked about doing, but never acted upon, you may be ready to embark on your version 2.0.


The truth is, change shouldn’t be such a struggle. We shouldn’t ever feel complacent or stuck in life. We shouldn’t settle for an average life. We should be consistently working to better ourselves.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” - Lao Tzu.


Embarking on that 2.0 journey is NOT easy. Some of us have walking on this road for longer than we care to admit. It can feel like being stuck on a rollercoaster. It’s scary but it can also be exciting and thrilling if you can learn to bless the mess and embrace change.


If your journey feels anything like this, you are more than ready to live your 2.0 life. The key is starting small. You cannot often make major life changes instantaneously. However, sometimes, making one small shift in one area of life, is all you need to get all of the other areas moving.


Each module in this program contains a mindfulness exercise that will help you apply what you’ve learned. In other words, instead of just reading something, you’ll become an active participant in your own transformation.


Are you ready to reinvent yourself, your career, or your life?


Start your 2.0 journey today to begin your journey of personal transformation. If you are ready to bless the mess and step into a more empowered, successful, vibrant, and much more authentic version of YOU, you are going to love this program.


Version 2.0 is the next best version of yourself. It’s YOU living your best life, your 2.0 life.


Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new course still in the works!

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